S452 Battery Steel Tensioner

Need the strongest pulling steel strapping tensioner?  The S452 has enough power for the most demanding loads, 3000 pounds of tension!  You should use this tool if you need more power then Signode’s Grip Pack 114 tensioner (1500 pounds).  The S452 comes with 2 batteries (18v lithium) and a charger. This is the most convenient way to use steel strapping yet!

battery steel strapping tensioner S452

Safety is improved because there are no pneumatic lines to trip over.  Mobility comes easy since there are no pneumatic lines to drag with you.  The battery lasts 200 cycles, so you can strap up a rail car, container, or in the field.  The tensioner is strong enough to pull steel coils or pipe loads together.

We suggest using Signode’s Grip Pack 114 Sealer (click to link), or a manual steel strapping sealer.

So the secret is the way we power the tool.  We use a Milwaukee Fuel M18 drill as the patent pending driving mechanism   The great part is that if a motor goes bad or a board burns up, new drivers are easy to get and cheap!  We are using the same wear parts found on the Fromm A452.  The Fromm A452 has been a steady performer, and now you can use interchangeable parts on the S452 battery operated version.

Estimated release date:  July 2016